The third popular collaboration between Barbour and And Wander. Masterpieces of the 1950s adapted into light urban wear!

3 years ago

The third collaboration between And Wander and Barbour, which has become a hot topic every time it is released, is back again this year.

Based on Barbours classic SMOCK that existed in the 1950s, this gem that has been modernized with modern functions and details is a must-see for anyone that loves the outdoors, while retaining the classic vintage appearance.

CORDURA solway shirt ¥40700

The collaborations between these two brands were well received in 2019 and 2020, so this is now the third time. And Wander from Tokyo has updated the masterpieces of this long-established British outdoor brand with an urban approach.

By using the cotton-blend CORDURA RIP STOP, the durability is maintained, and the jacket is finished with a texture that can be worn easier than real vintage.

CORDURA solway short pants ¥29700

The logo print uses a reflector which is also a staple of And Wander, and the reflector is also used for stitching to improve visibility at night.

This jacket has UK-like elegance coupled with outdoor functionality giving it an impressive impact that shouldn’t be overlooked!

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