Nordisk’s first apparel line is released! Camping wear made from their best cotton material.

3 years ago

When you think of the brand NORDISK, the legacy series of tents and tarps made of cotton material are the first image that comes to mind.

This season, news of the brand’s first apparel line, which inherited the DNA of their legacy series by adopting the original canvas material was revealed. This has been rumored for a long time but now it has finally launched. It was released on 1/30 (Sat.) in conjunction with the opening of the new store “Hygge A by Nordisk”.

Tough and clean canvas wear with flame-retardant and water-repellent specifications.

This is an apparel collection featuring a warm look using canvas that is reminiscent of the Legacy series. The original canvas material of cotton linen with flame-retardant and water-repellent finish makes it easy to wear outdoors as well as in the city, and has a tough and clean finish.

A reversible camp coat made in the image of a smart campsite. Despite its three-dimensional and elegant silhouette, it also has excellent functionality such as a large-capacity patch pocket and hammer loop, which is unique to the work coat! CAMP COAT ¥ 59400

A vest with the storage capacity required for camping, such as the front, back, and large internal pockets. Due to the characteristics of breathable linen, it can be used even in the summer. COTTON LINEN CAMP VEST ¥ 30800

Multi-storing overalls with 8 large front and back pockets. The front opens wide to the inseam and has a double zip design, making it convenient when using restrooms. 8POCKET DECK OVERALL ¥ 39600

Wide pants featuring a large-capacity pocket that extend around to the back. By implementing a gusset that expands the range of motion in the inseam, the mobility required for vigorous movement is plentiful. WORK PANTS WIDE ¥ 29700

The sailor hat was designed to be a little deeper, and the angle of the brim was widened to make it easier to wear. Also pay attention to the detailed stitch work with a vintage aesthetic. COTTON LINEN SAILOR HAT ¥ 8800

Heavy cotton socks. Demonstrates a high deodorant function by using a deodorant thread on the back. On the front side, it brings out the natural texture unique to cotton. HEAVY COTTON SOCKS ¥ 2970

As with tents and tarps, this apparel collection makes the most of the texture of cotton, but is not unfashionable and can be worn comfortably regardless of the scene. Wearing this collection this spring is sure to brighten your mood and make you feel fresh. It will be released sequentially at “Hygge by Nordisk” and other Nordisk dealers.

■Hygge by Nordisk