Arc’teryx classic is now all gray. Don’t miss the BEAMS bespoke collection coming again this season!

3 years ago

A must-see collection made by the famous select shop BEAMS in collaboration with Canada’s prestigious Arc’teryx, which continues to produce high-spec clothing and gear. The shiny single tone is sure to attract many admires as part of this seasons urban outdoors looks!

Updated to a more chic and sophisticated single tone!

Zeta SL Jacket     ¥50600

A total of 4 types of jackets and bags are being developed, the collaboration uses gray, which has a modern and calm aesthetic, as the color theme. The concrete jungle of Tokyo is the only motif, and it helps to create a clean urban image.

Arro 22 Backpack     ¥31350

As an all-round outerwear for spring and summer, the Zeta SL, which uses GORE-TEX (R), has excellent waterproof and breathable properties. The Beams logo is embroidered on the arm, and the large Arc’teryx graphic used in the past bespoke order is included on the left sleeve.

Arro 8 Shoulder Bag     ¥14300

The long-selling classic backpack, Arrow 22, is also made in all gray. They also succeeded in changing the material, which was considered technically difficult, and achieved the world’s first color change from black. Don’t miss the combination of brand names and symbols that do not currently exist, and the embossed BEAMS logo on the back panel.

Arro Waistpack     ¥7700

The compact and easy-to-use shoulder type Arrow 8 and the luxurious limited model Arrow Waist Pack are also ready. Each model is scheduled to be released sequentially from the end of February to the end of March, and reservations are accepted at the BEAMS official online shop. It’s already starting to be out of stock, so hurry up and check it now!