G-SHOCK’s new series “City Camouflage” with camouflage and neon colors.

3 years ago

Casio’s famously tough G-SHOCK. The series, which started in 1983, has introduced various models in its 38 years. The new “City Camouflage Series” introduced this time is based on the concept of “Urban Outdoors”, which is a combination of outdoor activities and the city! 5 new models are part of this exciting new line up.

While the coloring is black based, it incorporates orange and blue in the image of the neon lights of the city. The black base makes it easy to match, and it is a combination that can work with casual styles. Also, the highlight is that the base has a monochrome or metallic camouflage pattern.

GW-B5600CT-1JF ¥23100

The standard square model 5600 is the only digital specification in this series. Various functions are condensed into a simple design such as a mobile link function that can be paired with a smartphone and a solar battery.

GAW-100CT-1AJF ¥27500

The GAW-100, which features a big case with a wide index, finishes the bezel in the same color and is smart looking! This is a high-end timepiece with a tough solar battery and built-in radio receiver (multi-band 6).

AWG-M100SCT-1AJF ¥26400

This is also equipped with tough solar & multi-band 6. The small size makes it easy to match to any style.

GA-140CT-1AJF ¥15950

The colorful camouflage dial is uniquely arranged with arrow-shaped hands! It’s also nice that it’s a reasonable price.

GA-700CT-1AJF ¥17050

GA-700 is the largest G-Shock with a case size of 57.5 x 53.4 x 18.4 mm. The high-tech design is further emphasized!

From town use to the outdoors, the city camouflage series can be used in any scene! If you see your favorite, make sure to get it as soon as possible.

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