Goldwin x Kaptain Sunshine. This season, a lightweight shell jacket that uses Gore-Tex, which is perfect for early spring.

3 years ago

The brand “KAPTAIN SUNSHINE” that fuses both traditional and modern expressions, and Goldwin, which produces high-spec daily use clothing based on ski wear.

The latest work has arrived from the highly regarded collaboration by these two companies that lead the charge in the Japanese outdoor fashion scene! This season, which is the 5th edition, sees a stylish shell jacket that is perfect for use in the Spring and Summer.

GORE-TEX PACLITE® Mountain Parka ¥73700

This mountain parka is finished with a solid design as we expect from this collaboration. As the name suggests, the fabric is made of GORE-TEX PACLITE®, which is lightweight and has excellent water resistance, wind resistance, water repellency, and breathability.

It also has a ventilation function to adapt with the changing seasons and the temperature differences outdoors, making it easy to control your body temperature according to the weather.

In addition, it is packed with nifty little details such as excellent storage capacity with four zippered pockets on the front and a spindle at the hem so that you can change the silhouette, making it an easy-to-use item.

This type of multi shell jacket that lets you easily adjust the amount of ventilation to deal with changes in the outdoor temperature is sure to be useful for the upcoming seasons.

It is on sale from late February, “Goldwin Harajuku,” “Goldwin Marunouchi,” “THE NORTH FACE + Sapporo Factory (Goldwin Corner),” and KAPTAIN SUNSHINE dealers nationwide.

■Goldwin tel:03-6419-7920