A new collection from “MCQ” with a message of providing a sustainable future that combines the outdoors with high fashion.

3 years ago

“MCQ” thinks about the future of humankind via the process of making clothes. Based in London, it is an innovative collective that is constantly evolving, and they create collections based on various themes they refer to as “ICON’s”, that are produced by iconic artists who specialize in different fields. The goal of the brand is to use the world as a platform, create freely, and incorporate it into minimal design. A collection with a message that allows you to learn about the culture, ideas, history that exists on earth is great.

The fourth stage of the “MCQ” collection, “ALBION BY MCQ,” focuses on the outdoors. From the history of humankind and the natural world, what human society should need in this era is unraveled, and based on the interpretation of 9 groups of participating artists such as video directors, stylists, photographers, graphic designers, a collection that blends the outdoors with high fashion has been created.

Inspired by nomadic clothing and British prehistory, the collection updates these ideas to fit a modern environment as survival wear, with colorful and varied camouflage. From ancient and natural events that feel physical, the stones used and motifs such as the icon called Affington White Horse, which was born in the prehistoric period about 3000 years ago, are incorporated into a modern design that uses highly functional modern fabrics which represents the modern world where technology is advancing.

We talked to Calvin How, the stylist who was in charge of creating the styling the new collection, about the appeal of the “ALBION” collection.

— Why did you choose the title “ALBION”?

Calvin How: Britain was called “Albion” in olden times. With the understanding that comes from this word, we came to the realization that we need to be aware of slowing down in our lives. We all recognize that the speedy modern lifestyle is having an increasingly negative impact, and I think we, as human beings, have a desire to run away at the most important times. In fact, visually ancient landmarks and rural nature reflected that feeling we have. Untouched raw beauty. To convey that, I thought of British outdoors as a base and appointed the old name for Britain as the name of the collection.

— “ALBION” seems like an outdoor fashion line that is conscious of both functionality and design. How did you balance fashion and the outdoors?

Calvin How: It was important to think about how can you style your clothing for hiking and performance in a contemporary way, and easily incorporate this amazingly technical collection into any wardrobe. Among them, the moss print resulted in a wonderful finish, but the initial idea behind it was to develop a camouflage print. However, the unexpected color combination made the camouflage even more modern and fresh. When it comes to styling, we’ve focused on incorporating oversized silhouettes and layers to create a sense of volume.

-Please tell us about the specific appeal of “ALBION” such as the design, fabric, and graphics.

Calvin How: This collection is military-based and inspired by traditional outdoor wear. The use of highly functional fabrics such as nylon ripstop, Kevlar (fabric), high density nylon and fleece is also something we are proud of. The finish of the garments also reflects innovation with tape seams and a breathable face mask.

-The boots are sure to be very popular, but please tell us a little more about them?

Calvin How: The boots were created in collaboration with Vibram, a specialist in shoe sole systems. Based in Italy, the company has specialized in mountain gear since the 1950s and is a world leader in performance wear. I think the reason the boots are great is the combination of traditional and highly technical Vibram soles with a modern design.

-Please tell us about the items you are personally most interested in?

Calvin How: My personal favorites from the collection are the headphone jacket and the highly functional waterproof jacket. The first is inspired by a flight jacket, which allows you to wear headphones with complete protection from the elements. The second is water resistant and has a built-in backpack strap so you can easily carry your jacket on your back when it gets too hot.

-What do you get from nature personally?

Calvin How: Nature is a great way to escape from the boundaries of the city and provides a space to clean your head and get fresh air!

-Do you have anything you would like to say to the people of Japan?

Just be yourself and enjoy life!


“ALBION BY MCQ” is currently being released. “MCQ” is planning further collections that use functional materials that blend various cultures and history in the future. If you are interested in the “MCQ” collective, please visit MY.MCQ.COM and join the community. The ideas that they have and are expressed through the clothes they make can help all of us to think about the future.


At the launch of the “ALBION” collection, MCQ held a live event for viewing online at the BOILER ROOM. The performing artists wore the clothing from the collection while they performed. Click here for a video that conveys the feeling of the scene in London right now.


@sirui.ma – photographer

@calvinhow – stylist

@stevie.squire – makeup

@blakejhenderson – hair

@daaaaaaaannnnnnnn – stylist / assistant on shoot

@georgieporgiepuddinpie – model

@tcurtis.11 – model


Lex Amour, Sasha Davai, Calvin How, Sirui Mai, Jono Namara, Pablo Attal T-Shirt Factory, Ewen Spencer, Everledger, Terrain, & The MCQ Team

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