Needles updates Wrangler’s classic. Check out the fascinating second collaboration, with two types of denim!

3 years ago

This is a collaboration collection that adds touches unique to NEEDLES to classic items from Wrangler’s proud back catalog.

The items developed come in two types of denim materials, “non-wash” and “vintage wash”, and can be worn individually or in combination as a setup. This fashionable collection by two brands with a lot of history is a must-see.

DENIM JACKET 【Vintage】¥33000 【Non Wash】 ¥25300

The base of the denim jacket is the “11MJ Proto model” produced from 1948 to 1949. An ultra-rare model with rivets on both sides of the waist adjuster on the back has been adopted.

It has been customized to a loose fitting size which is typical of Needles. The left chest is decorated with the familiar butterfly embroidery.

WESTERN SHIRTS 【Vintage】¥30800【Non Wash】 ¥23100

The western shirt is based on the “27MW” from the mid to late 1950s, which features a flip-up chest pocket and umbrella yoke. Western shirts are an item that people either love or hate, but if it’s non-wash denim with an urban atmosphere, it’s quite easy to match and style with!

BOOT-CUT 【Vintage】¥30800 【Non Wash】 ¥20900

SLIM 【Vintage】¥30800 【Non Wash】 ¥20900

There are two types of pants based on the same model.

The first is the boot-cut denim with classic details such as a deeply designed watch pocket and the silent W stitch that is the symbol of Wrangler. The other pair is a slim cut pair with a narrower silhouette.

While staying faithful to the original model from Wrangler, this collection has subtle changes that are synonymous with Neddles like design. Perhaps thanks to this, even though this is a classic rugged work style it looks more elegant and fashionable.

It will be released on Saturday, February 20th at the Wrangler online store, NEPENTHES affiliated stores and online stores.