A hiking jacket that you can wear in the city without the need for a bag! The latest collaboration piece from Bamboo Shoot x Mountain Research!

2 years ago

BAMBOO SHOOTS are a brand that has undergone a full renewal this spring and summer and is attracting a lot more attention. They have released a new collaboration series with MOUNTAIN RESEARCH, which is also based in Nakameguro, Tokyo. 2 different outer wears that are full of both great functionality and stylish looks.

It can be worn regardless of the season and has excellent texture and storage capacity!

HIKING JACKET     ¥35200

This is a jacket and vest based upon the Mountain Research archives and the used clothes owned by Setsumasa Kobayashi. Both the jacket and vest have 6 multifunctional pockets on the front and a large flap pocket on the back, boasting an excellent storage capacity that negates the need for a bag when out in the town. Of course it will also be great to use outdoors in the field too.

HIKING VEST     ¥29700

Nylon tape, which acts as both a reinforcement and an added accent, eyelets with which small items such as whistles can be tied, and ZIP-O-GAGE, a key chain with a D-can thermometer, are all synonymous with Bamboo Shoots. The body is made of a blend of 60% cotton and 40% nylon.

The details of the jacket and vest are almost the same. The flap pocket on the back is large enough to hold a map or notebook.

Both of these new outwear can be worn regardless of the season and in any situation, which was made possible only by having great knowledge of both the outdoors and used clothing. It’s also nice to have a lot of color variations. It’s a popular collaboration, so if you’re don’t check it out soon it might already be too late!

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