The popular collaboration between Snow Peak and TonedTrout, which connects the city to the mountain streams, is back again this season!

3 years ago

The collaboration between Snow Peak and the new fishing brand TONED TROUT is back. In this collaboration, they will release 10 items that combine functionality corresponding to mountain stream fishing and designs that can be used in town use, such as the classic fishing vest.

Following on from the first and second collaborations, this will also be based on Snow Peak’s products, with additional designs and functions from TonedTrout that are useful in mountain stream fishing. From outerwear to vests and Sierra cups, there is a wide variety of items.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「2.5L Fishing Jacket」¥46200

Of particular note is the 2.5-layer rain jacket that uses the membrane made by the Swiss textile maker “Reclosed”.

Reclosed is a self-recovery material with a special polyurethane coating that naturally closes in a few seconds even if a hole is made with a needle. In fly fishing, it is very common that a fishing hook sticks in clothes, but this jacket can minimize fiber damage and also has a breathable waterproof function, so it will be very useful for mountain stream fishing. There are two colors, black and brown.

In addition, there are two types of fishing vests, which are currently on trend.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Game Vest」¥24200

The short length “Game Vest” made for wading into water can combine the front body with the separately sold “4WAY Waterproof Dry Bag (M)”, maximizing the carrying capacity during mountain stream fishing.

An updated version of Snow Peak’s classic TAKIBI vest, the “Camp Vest” is a functional vest that uses the pocket layout of a classic fishing vest.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Camp Vest」¥26400

In addition, “Stretch 4WAY Tricot” is adopted, and shirts and shorts that flexibly respond to all movements required when fishing are also available.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Fishing Shirt」¥24200

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Wading Shorts」¥17600

Printed T-shirts made of highly absorbent and quick-drying polyester, trail running caps made of stretch material, rain hats made of the same original 2.5L fabric as the rain jacket, and feautring the Snow Peak and TonedTrout logos are also available. They also have a lineup of original stainless steel Sierra cups with a double name on the bottom.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Graphic Tshirt Japanese Serow」¥6380

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Graphic Tshirt Mt. Tanigawa」¥6380

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Trail Running Cap」¥6380

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「2.5L Rain Hat」¥10120

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「SP × TONEDTROUT sierra cup」¥1980

It will be on sale from March 5, 2021, and reservations will be accepted from February 22 (Monday) at Snow Peak’s directly managed stores and the official brand online store.

■Snow Peak tel:0120-010-660