Daiwa Pier 39 x Fresh Service’s cool new bespoke setup with a unique secret inside!

2 years ago

DAIWA PIER39, one of the most dynamic brands around, has announced another bespoke collection. The newest partner is Fresh Service, which develops items related to clothing, food and housing under the theme of a fictitious transportation company.

When I think about Fresh Service, the first thing that comes to mind is the Graph Paper collaboration released the other day. It goes without saying that the brand directed by Mr. Takayuki Minami is already known, but by standing together with this collaboration, it seems that the individuality of both will become even more prominent.

Unlike the aforementioned collaboration, which was based on the standard product of graph paper, this collaboration has a lineup of 2 new products based on one of Daiwa Pier 39’s classics.

In addition to the 4-way stretch that gives flexibility both vertically and horizontally, this setup that uses materials with excellent water repellency, moisture permeability, and quick-drying is tailor-made for both outdoor and urban life. Available in two colors black and khaki, a signature color of Fresh Service.

Two types are available: The “Tech Loose Stretch 2B Jacket” (¥ 31900) and “Tech Stretch Easy Trousers” (¥ 23100).

A particularly unique point about this bespoke series is in the inner pocket of the jacket. “CITY SIDE” provides the storage needed for urban life such as iPhone and AirPods and “SEA SIDE” that assists in outdoor activities such as fishing!

The “tools” that enrich your lifestyle and the little touches are typical of Fresh Services, are purposively applied on the back side of the body.

While respecting the concept of Daiwa Pier 39, this set up carefully blends the two together without being too obvious. The method is the same as the collaboration with Graph Paper. In that regard, it may be said that Fresh Service is particularly focused on creating “clothes as a tools”.

It will be released on Saturday, February 27th. To commemorate the release, a POP UP store from Fresh Services will be held at the Tent gallery in the HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET facility.



FreshService headquarters


FreshService FS store (3 stores below)

MāW (Sapporo), Stirwise (Sendai), JACK IN THE BOX (Nagoya) * Please contact each store for more information.

■FreshService headquarters tel:03-5775-4755 http://freshservice.jp