The latest collaboration between Millet and White Mountaineering features a fascinating use of zips.

3 years ago

The popular collaboration between White Mountaineering, which produces outdoor wear that offers both functionality and design, and MILLET, a long-established Alpine brand from France, has arrived again this season.

A change from the previous collaboration that adopted an earthy look that blends in naturally, this time they are focusing on two different color stylings, solid and patterned.

White Mountaineering × MILLET  backpack ¥22000

First of all, is a backpack based on Millet’s classic item the “CATARPIE”, with a slightly larger size of 35L. It is a one tone-color that gives an urban and solid impression, but the versatile use of zips zip that can often be seen in mountain parkas is very unique.

White Mountaineering × MILLET  waist pouch ¥8800

On the other hand, the waist pouch “KIRIBATI” also makes ample use of the zip. By using a contrasting color that stands out from the body, it gives a poppy impression that is different from a standard backpack. The size is small, but the gusset width is wide, so the storage capacity is more than enough.

In each case, the body is made of durable 330D nylon fabric. The washed finish gives it an uneven and neat aging effect. In addition, small details are plentiful like with the White Mountaineering logo is printed on the webbing belt.

Solid or pop? This collaboration which features two different concepts but with a united vision, is scheduled to be delivered in March.

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