Fresh ideas from Post O’Alls. Collarless coveralls with a fresh layering style.

2 years ago

Even if it’s warm during the day, it’s still cold enough to need light outerwear at night. Pretty soon, it’s finally time to wear spring / summer outerwear. But that’s also over before you know it and the hot and sweaty summer is here so the window of opportunity for spring outwear is pretty short right?

But that’s why you have to enjoy the chance to wear your spring outerwear as much as possible, hence a new coverall from POST O’ALLS.

POST 42 DV ¥42900

This is a classic item that is symbolic of the brand, enough so that you can say “Post O’Alls are coveralls”. Among them, the one released this time is an collarless engineer jacket type that has undergone minor changes each season.

The simplicity of its appearance, combined with the body color that is unified with the same color for even the stitching, stands out even more. And because it’s simple, I have a feeling that it will age quickly and evenly after use outdoors.

By the way, the layered styling with the collared model “POST 42 (¥ 44000)” is a great combination. The layered coveralls are surprisingly stylish, not to mention the difference from the surroundings. Great for layering when it’s still chilly, and on its own when it gets a little warmer. What don’t you try it out for yourself this spring?

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