The artistic collaboration sneakers from Flower Mountain x Daido Moriyama are finally on sale!

2 years ago

Featuring a design with a unique and overwhelming impact, these collaboration sneakers that have been announced recently will be released in advance in Asia including Japan on March 7th (Sun).

This collaboration is from Flower MOUNTAIN, which incorporates inspiration from nature into its design with a unique world view, and Daido Moriyama, a photographer who is well known in Japan. Regardless of the difference industries they come from, the completed “work” by created by individuality colliding is truly breathtaking.

The theme of the collaboration is “Keep walking”. Daido Moriyama’s “continue walking” matches well with the ethos of Flower Mountain, which supports everyone to continue walking positively in various difficult times.

Pampas  ¥22000

Raikiri  ¥25300

There are two types of that are based on classic models from Flower Mountain blended with a snapshot from Daido Moriyama.

“Raikiri” has also been updated with new functionality for this collaboration. The wire lace system that lets you easily adjust the fit just by turning the dial is used.

In addition, Daido Moriyama’s documentary film “The past is always new and the future is always nostalgic by Daido Moriyama” will be released from April 30th.

Don’t miss the unique and sparkling collaboration between the two.