Abu Garcia x BEAMS latest collaboration work. A stylish combination of fishing and military with excellent functionality.

2 years ago

Abu Garcia, a fishing brand that started in Sweden in 1921 and has recently been highly acclaimed in the fashion scenes, has created a military-like collection bespoke to the big-name retailer BEAMS. It’s a brilliant collection that includes all the details required for fishing on a daily basis.

A waterproof and flexible original fabric.

Abu Garcia × BEAMS / BDU Jacket     ¥28600

The outer features military-derived design aspects such as pocket arrangement and a chin strap, using the US military BDU jacket as the base. The original water-repellent stretch polyester Chino is strong against water and easy to move in, even though it has a cotton-like texture.

Abu Garcia × BEAMS / M-65 Shorts     ¥16500

The lineup also includes shorts with a jacket and M-65 pants motif that can be worn as a set up, a vest equipped with a large-capacity pocket that holds a lure box, a water-repellent hat, and a pocket T-shirt featuring a logo. All of them are functional but boast a design that can be used when in the city.

Abu Garcia × BEAMS / Fishing Vest     ¥17600

This is the latest collaboration collection by these two giants, following the fishing x military series that was very popular last time. The release is scheduled for mid-March, and reservations have already been accepted at the BEAMS official online shop. You won’t regret relaxing in these garments outdoors this season!

■BEAMS tel:03-3470-3947     https://www.beams.co.jp/