Wear them when you need them. From Post O’Alls, 3 new work wear pieces are now available!

2 years ago

What should I wear and when? I’ve posted this similiar article before, but there are times when I want to get a little more enthusiastic about GO OUT dads, who usually prefers a casual look that is easy to move around in.

When I meet a friend for the first time in a while, or when I have a meal with my colleagues and family, it’s not necessary to wear a suit, but I can’t afford to wear a sweatshirt either. To meet that demand custom-made 3 pieces will be released from POST O’ALLS.

The latest work-inspired 3-piece engineer jacket, army shirt, and easy pants will be released in mid-March. Available in 8 ounces of vintage-like indigo denim and indigo gangster striped herringbone twill denim. Both are light fabrics that can be worn easily during the spring and summer.

Engineers’ Jacket ¥44000

The engineer jacket is the latest model that reflects the designer’s current tastes, based on the 20FW version reprinted with the same design as its debut.

The details are a crossover of inspiration from various eras, such as increasing the width of the body, or eliminating the label on the left chest pocket, and using key-shaped stitching to fine-tune the button position. A lot of detail that makes you want to talk about it to your friends!

ARMY Shirt ¥35200

E-Z Lax ¥29700

Also, don’t miss the reproduction of the original version of the army shirt that has been released for the first time since its debut 10 years ago, and the brand’s first easy pants with an impressive buckle belt!

This is a great collection for GO OUT Dad’s who haven’t forgotten how to have a good time and will be useful when you suddenly need a slightly formal but still casual set up.

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