Mountainsmith’s classic bag re-imagined in a 90’s color scheme! Excellent new collaboration work by Riot Facetasm.

2 years ago

“FACETASM” is a fashion brand from Japanese by Hiroshi Ochiai. A collaboration between “RIOT FACETASM”, which started in the fall and winter of 2020, and “MOUNTAINSMITH”, an American outdoor brand that has recently started an apparel line and is gaining popularity in Japan, has come to fruition!

Check out this special bag with retro coloring and functionality that can be used as a bag for a number of outdoor activities.

WAISTBAG ¥12100(W36cm×H24cm×D13cm)

Based on Mountainsmith’s classic waist bag “TOUR CLASSIC”, which was a hot topic in the 90’s, Riot Facetasm has made an updated bespoke color model.

With the Omni belt and delta suspension system, it provides a great fit even when doing outdoor sports scenes such as trail running. Since it has a sense of stability even during strenuous movements, it also reduces fatigue caused by wearing it for a long time. In addition, the tough specifications using cordura material with excellent durability are a major plus.

MINI WAISTBAG ¥7480(W21cm×H13cm×D9.5cm)

In addition, they also have a lineup of “mini waist bags,” which are downsized waist bags to make them easier to use on a daily basis.

Both models are available in two colors, ORANGE and SMOKE BLUE. The slightly faded coloring is excellent, and the atmosphere of outdoor items from the 90’s is beautifully reproduced. Combined with the vivid yellow tape on the zip pull, it fits perfectly into the current 90s revival boom!

This is a collaboration model by Mountainsmith x Riot Facetasm with a wonderful color sense added to a classic bag. With the increased possibility of outdoor events taking place this year this would be a great addition to your outdoor collection.

It is scheduled to be released from mid-April at FACETASM shinsaibashi and FACETASM official online store.

■FACETASM tel:03-6434-9893