You won’t believe that it’s denim! A top and bottom setup from Hollywood Ranch Market that makes full use of two different types of dyeing!

2 years ago

“HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET” makes everyday clothing that is in line with the times while paying homage to good old American casual wear.

With a modern design that is typical of the brand, a top and bottom setup that shines with state of the art dyeing technology has arrived.

Basket Dye Leopard Long Shirt ¥ 31900

The leopard pattern in a gradated color makes you feel rugged yet sexy. Each pattern is discharged from the black denim fabric and then sewn to give a blurred dye effect called “basket dye”.

By incorporating two types of dyeing techniques, it creates a mysterious textile in which the marble color and animal pattern are in harmony.

Basket Dye Leopard Easy Pants ¥ 25300

The moderately thick pants made of the same material are easy-to-wear even for long periods of time thanks to an elastic waist and draw strings. Since the base is denim along with the shirt, the more you wear it, the more you can enjoy the process of the denim aging.

By using an elaborate dying process, it achieves an overwhelming unique design like no other. You can wear it as a full body set up to attract attention around town or incorporate them separately into other outfits to add a new accent to your everyday style. They are currently on sale now!

■HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET tel:03-3463-5668