A rugged and stylish collection of gardening gear from Neighborhood.

2 years ago

“NEIGHBORHOOD” are well known for producing items that uniquely interpret elements such as military, outdoor, and American trad. The “Specimen Research Laboratory (SRL)”, which was born in 2017 as an additional line, develops clothing and equipment that incorporates the inspiration neighborhood designer Shinsuke Takizawa has garnered from plants.

The latest collection of gear has arrived from the brand, which is gaining popularity at an accelerated pace due to the recent boom in plants and gardening as a hobby! It features a stylish design with an edge that sets it apart from the image of typical gardening equipment, to help provide extra motivation when tending your plants.

1 A pressure sprayer that can compress air with a pump and spray water into a fine mist. Large size with a capacity of 5L. ¥ 4180 2. A plant sheet that can become dish-shaped by fastening the snap buttons at the four corners. ¥ 4180 3.4. A rich lineup of small items that are convenient for detailed plant maintenance. Cutter ¥ 4180, Cactus Cutter ¥ 1980, Tweezers 6ps set ¥ 2750 5.6. Original wood board & cube for decorating plant pots. ¥ 8800 each 7. A plant pot made to order from a long-established flowerpot maker, Tamba Tachikui City Noden City Kama. Round type ¥ 4950, tubular type ¥ 6600 8. Non-slip rubber gloves. Set of 10. ¥ 4950

Small items that are useful for detailed care and arrangement of plants and their surroundings are also stylishly designed with the neighborhood and SRL logos.

The Denichi bowl is bespoke made in a heavy black ink color. Accented with the “Den” stamp, which is a proof of authenticity, and the SRL stamp.