A water-repellent bespoke model of Relaxfit’s massively popular set up is now available!

2 years ago

Recently I’ve not been feeling fully comfortable while wearing oversized clothes. It’s a common perception that for outdoors activities, oversized clothes are the easiest to wear and move around and I don’t disagree, however just being large sized isn’t enough.

I want the latest high technology fabrics and outdoor orientated details and I want it be casual but still mature. Relaxfit’s latest top and bottom set up answers all these desires!

You may remember the bespoke setup made in conjunction with select shop WE TOKYO from last season which was denim, but the latest work features a minimalist look that uses nylon tasser.


The design that features the motif of the French Army’s wool melton liner jacket is the same as the previous model. The nylon tasser used this time is also water repellent, so even if it rains a little, there is no need to worry.

The velcro at the front instead of traditional buttons for fastening is also convenient. You can easily open and close it when your hands are full of outdoor equipment or while working. Also, the cuffs don’t have ribs or buttons which might seem inconvenient at first glance, but it seems to be easy to roll up the sleeves, so it’s actually a useful feature.

Despite the subdued appearance, this is actually a tops and bottom set up that is packed with features well suited to an outdoors lifestyle!

The pants are made of the same material and also have a balloon silhouette that uses Velcro for the waist. The length is also tapered to make them easy to wear for people with active lifestyles. (*WE bespoke NORTH PADRE ISLAND PANTS * NYLON BLACK ¥ 14190)

In summary, being large sized isn’t everything, small details and functions that help to enhance outdoor lifestyles are an important aspect, wouldn’t you agree?

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