A bold mix of 4 different types of processing! The new denim from Hollywood Ranch Market has an incredibly unique look.

2 years ago

Styling during spring tends to be quite simple. By simply changing one part of your outfit you can easily express yourself. 

“HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET’s” denim pants that have been a big part of the Japanese American casual scene since the beginning are perfect for such spring outfits. It will update your basic style in a unique and interesting way.

PP4 painter jeans ¥28600

After adding stone bio processing and fading processing to create a worn feeling, bleach and pigment paint are applied to give a shaded look even in white. While randomly processing them, it creates a look that is as if a painter has worn them for many years.

The base model is the original jeans “PP4” from Seirin Ltd., the predecessor of the brand. With a slightly thicker tapered silhouette, the back pocket uses stitch work that fans will be familiar with.

The more you wear them, the more beautiful the base denim fabric will age. The fluffing seen in jeans in the 90’s and the light weight fabric that is easy to wear even in the summer are also worth taking note of.

This unique pair of denim pants that has been taken to another level thanks to various types of processing will be released in mid-March. It looks great matched with basic tops, so you can wear it without any hesitation.

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