Jet black Japanese style summer top and bottoms set up released by Post O’Alls.

2 years ago

Seersucker is a material that is regularly used for making spring and summer wear. Originally made in India in the 18th century, it became a staple of suits for use by Americans who didn’t want to break their dress code even during the hot summer months.

Therefore, it has a quite dressy image, but in fact, the uneven fabric stops it from sticking too closely to the skin and helps it achieve excellent breathability. It’s a functional material that can be customized for outdoor making it popular with a lot of people.

POST O’ALLS decided to make use of this Seersucker fabric.

The “E-Z series” is one of Post O’Alls most popular collections that develops work wear style items made of jersey material. This season, a new lineup of stretchy polyester Seersucker items has been added to the collection!

A Zip Cardigan (¥ 29700), Hoodie (¥ 31900), Shorts (¥ 27500), caps and tote bags are also available. Not only can each of them be used as separately to add an accent to any daily style but you can also dress fully as a set up collection.

This is an ambitious collection that makes use of the classic Seersucker material while ensuring it is casual and comfortable to wear by doing things such as dyeing it in off-black and arranging the Seersucker sideways. Combined with the Japanese aesthetic, we think it will help keep your summers cool.

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