New sunglasses to help support the new normal from Ayame, that do not fog up even when wearing a mask.

2 years ago

It’s already halfway through spring and summer is round the corner, along with increasingly hotter weather and brighter sunshine. Sunglasses block that, but now that it’s common sense to wear masks due to the pandemic, so many people are hesitant to wear sunglasses because they are worried about the lenses becoming cloudy from the mask.

In order to solve such new normal life problems, the eyewear brand “ayame” with the theme of “warm old wisdom” has announced their anti-fog color lenses.

color lens ¥13200

This item was produced by a Japanese lens maker, and the color type is exclusive to Ayame. Not only great for everyday use, but also for sports, motorcycles, bicycles, and the outdoors, they blend seamlessly into every situation.

The lineup includes four colors, Stoke, Emerald, Cool Gray, and Sea Breeze.

These color lenses, which are likely to be essential for everyday life wearing a mask, are now on sale. It is attractive that you can attach it not only to Ayame’s original frames but also to your own sunglasses!

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