G-SHOCK’s first smart watch is born! A Google-linked model that’s perfect for workouts.

2 years ago

G-SHOCK are known worldwide for their toughness as well as their high functionality, making them a fashion icon! Among their many collections, G-SQUAD is popular in the sports scene.

The latest model from the G-SQUAD sports line, the “GSW-H1000” will be released on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

CASIO/GSW-H1000 ¥88000

The GSW-H1000 is the first of G-SHOCKS models to be equipped with Wear OS by Google.

This feature works with Google to notify you of incoming emails and phone calls, and to use a variety of app services such as Google Play Music and Google Maps, making your smart watch invaluable.

Equipped with a microphone and charging terminal, the thickness of the glass is water resistant to 20 bar, but it also supports smooth touch screen operation. The back cover is made of titanium that has been subjected to carbide treatment to enhance its wear resistance and it comes available in three colors: black x blue, black, and red.

In addition to azimuth, altitude / barometric pressure, and gyro sensors, heart rate measurement using optical sensors and data loggers such as travel routes, distances, and speeds linked to GPS are possible. It can also monitor your movements, which can be useful for a variety of sports and daily training!

The interface is designed for 24 different types of activities making it easy to gather information! The left is a display example for running and the right is a display example for riding a road bike, and it also supports 24 other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, surfing, and trekking and you can also customize the display items.

Furthermore, on the smartphone side, if you manage the data with the G-SHOCK MOVE app, you can easily check your activity history, analysis, and progress.

The new function “Sensor Overlay” for the G-SHOCK MOVE app for smartphones allows you to superimpose measurement information on videos and still images taken during activity measurement. You can also check your form during running by connecting it to the optional motion sensor (CMT-S20R-AS: ¥ 14080).

There are countless situations and environments where G-SHOCK has excellent impact resistance, such as hard training and extreme sports. The GSW-H1000, which allows you to easily check various information, also acts as a useful gadget and exercise tool. You can cover your usual training, play, and work needs with just one watch.

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