Work clothes with pockets and tricks released by 2-Tacs. We take a look at 3 items from the hot new series to be released this spring and summer.

2 years ago

New items have arrived for the 2021 spring summer season from “BROWN by 2-tacs”, who propose “active everyday wear” with a vintage feel.

(Left) Work pants based on military pants with the DCP lettering. Uses a tough fabric with thick count cotton for the warp and extra-thick jute for the weft. ¥ 25300 (upper right) Large DCP lettering is placed on the apron that uses the same fabric as the work pants. ¥ 19800 (bottom right) The cotton canvas tote bag uses a strong Neova button with the DCP lettering mounted above the outer pocket. ¥ 25300

Named the dust chute pocket (DCP), this is a playful new series created based on the ideas that designer Ryoji Honma, who is familiar with GO OUT, gained from his time spent in a mountain lodge. Since dust collects in your pockets while working in the mountain lodge, they have a lineup of innovative products with functional pockets inspired by the “Garbege chute” seen in high-rise buildings overseas.

Each item actually has a tubular shape with a front pocket that penetrates through it, so if you unfasten the button, you can throw away all the collected dust and garbage at once. It makes you forget the hassle of removing dust such as twigs, leaves and gravel that tend to collect in your pocket during DIY or camping.

The body features a tough design using canvas fabric for bags, and it has a vintage-like look that is typical of 2-tacks. Based on Mr. Honma’s actual experience, this new product with the unique dust chute pocket was created in pursuit of practicality, so why not spend your time at home on some DIY projects?

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