Paago Works’ new waist bag is a versatile idea that can be connected anywhere with an aluminum hook.

2 years ago

“PAAGO WORKS”’s brand name originates from the idea of “pack and go!”. They specialize in multifunctional bags that make you want to pack your luggage and head out into the world, and this time we will take a special look at their new body bag.

SWITCH L ¥6600

Although it looks basic at first glance, it can be used in a variety of ways with its uniquely designed aluminum hook. With the attached belt, it can be used alone as a shoulder bag, so you can always keep your valuables on you while at campsites and mountain lodges.

It can be used as a chest bag during activity, distributing the weight to the pack and reducing the burden on the shoulders.

You can increase the capacity of the backpack as an outer pocket.

If you pass the packs waist belt through the back slit, it will turn into a side pocket.

An original aluminum hook developed in collaboration with designers and engineers. Designed to be easy to handle even with gloves on, and to allow the lock to open and close smoothly.

The lineup includes not only the 500 ml L size, but also the M size (¥ 5500) that can hold a 350 ml PET bottle.

As the name “SWITCH” suggests, utility bags that are made for quick switching are now on sale. A small but ground breaking design that allows you to always carry the items you need while climbing.

■PAAGOWORKS tel:042-312-2865