Nanamica realizes a perfect collaboration with the uniqueness of indigo and the new material MIX!

2 years ago

Various materials can be seen and hidden in the deep indigo that makes you feel the Japanese culture. Sometimes leather looks like cotton, ceramic looks like leather, cotton looks like nylon…

I witnessed an example of a different material causing an unexpected chemical reaction in this powerful collaboration the other day, when the latest collaboration by Nanamica that uses a different material MIX that causes a pleasant illusion is finished.

The collaboration partners are Portland’s handmade leather goods brand Tanner Goods and the tableware brand Mazama developed by the same company. They have a lineup of clothing and tableware by doubling down on the iconic materials of each brand.

Nanamica × Tanner Goods GORE-TEX Chore Jacket ¥69300

Based on Nanamica’s original cotton Gore-Tex fabrics, this jacket uses the expressive nylon material KONBU from Japan for the front pocket.

The body is made of Gore-Tex material and seam sealing is implemented to prevent rain and wind from entering, and to let the heat escape to improve breathability. The contrast with the unique texture of the light and tough “KONBU” material also looks great!

Nanamica × Tanner Goods GORE-TEX Bucket Hat ¥12100

Also based on Cotton Gore-Tex Fabrics, they have a lineup of bucket hats that use KONBU switched for the panels. It’s based on a military jungle hat, but it has an urban look that goes well with the jacket.

Tanner Goods × Nanamica Zip Pouch Medium ¥13200/Large ¥15400

The KONBU-based pouch is partially made from British bridle leather. Bridle leather is a very durable leather that is also used for horse harnesses. The more you use it, the better it will age and the color will change.

Mazama × Nanamica Yunomi Mug ¥3960

And there is also a traditional Japanese teacup based on Mazama’s 13 ounce standard mug. At first glance, the handcrafted ceramic looks like the above bridle leather. When you touch it, you will be amazed at the rich texture.

The unglazed bottom is tapered and can be stacked on a shelf or counter. You can also use the in a dishwasher and microwave.

Nanamica’s true value is in the skill that gives depth to the function and design by making use of a number of materials. All items will be on sale from April 10th (Sat) at Nanamica’s directly managed stores and from 11:00 on April 10th (Sat) at Nanamica’s ONLINE STORE.

■nanamica tel:03-5728-3266