The finest patchwork Madras shirt from Cal O Line x Pilgrim.

3 years ago

CAL O LINE, which has a fine reputation for its vintage texture and design, will release a patchwork shirt bespoke to Pilgrim Surf + Supply. The fresh colors and texture is perfect for the coming spring summer seasons.

Patchwork Madras check shirt with exquisite color and texture.

Patch Work Madras Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt    ¥16500

Made from Indian cotton, Madras fabric provides excellent ventilation and feels smooth on the skin even in the middle of summer. The silhouette has a little extra space in the chest and shoulders, so you can wear it in a loose way. However, it’s nice to have a button-down design that also incorporates a dressy element.

The Madras region of India’s specialty fabric is carefully sewn together as a patchwork in Japan. The sewing technique is precise but with a rugged edge.

This is a versatile shirt that you can wear in a wide range of scenes, which makes it easy to tie style with its casual use of patchwork. The release is scheduled for mid-April, and reservations are accepted at the BEAMS official online store. If you want to make sure you get it, you should check it as soon as possible.