A fusion of two military items, and two unique materials! Post O’Alls classic JKT has evolved!

2 years ago

Ever since I was young and absorbed in the world of anime and games, I’ve loved the idea of “evolution.” Learning new techniques and changing your appearance. That feeling of excitement might be nostalgic, but I can’t help but feel that the origin of outdoor gear and clothing is also linked to this feeling of evolution.

POST O’ALLS, has been a well loved brand for nearly 20 years and this year their popular item ‘WALKABOUT’ will evolve into the ‘WALKABOUT 2’.

WALKABOUT 2/crinkle linen/cotton ¥40300

The “WALKABOUT” was characterized by a design that fused US army and US navy vintage wear, but the new “WALKABOUT 2” has been upgraded to a more outer-like deisgn.

New details such as pleats on the elbows like military field jacket, cuffs that can be opened and closed with a button, and a chest pocket design that exaggerates the original have been added.

WALKABOUT 2/Poly Checker Taffeta ¥39,300

Also pay close attention to the use of two unique materials: cotton linen with a crisp texture and nylon taffeta with an attractive luster.

When we were young we had to wait and put up with waiting to get our hands on what we wanted, but now we don’t have to ask our parents so don’t hesitate to jump on this evolutionary chain.

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