Street x black bass fishing. Check out these bags that are useful for daily use and life in the city.

2 years ago

The line “TASF” (“Tool Assist Super Fishing”) is made for fishing enthusiasts by the design unit “THE Mongolian Chops”, which is also linked to the fashion brand “BOKUHATANOSII” from Osaka.

This capsule collection with Osaka based, domestically manufactured bag brand ‘Master-Piece’ is inspired by their love of black bass fishing and combining this with a street aesthetic.

Single shoulder with a simple design.

TASF「BACKPACK : No.02610」¥29700

TASF’s “BACKPACK” is a one-shoulder design that is easy to use when changing tackles. It has a simple design that does not look like a so-called “tackle bag”, so that it can be used everyday without looking out of place on the street.

It’s simple, but it’s full of excellent functionality. By opening the dual zipper on the side, you can directly access the tools kept in the main storage. Since the main storage can be separated vertically by partitioning as you need, the upper part can be used for rainwear and the lower part can be used for storing lures.

In addition, it has features such as a back pocket with a barb that makes it easy to insert cut lines and a magnet buckle that can be attached and detached with one touch, which is supposed to be used for real bass fishing.

The size is W340 x H425 x D160 mm. Available in three colors: black, beige, and saxophone.


A shoulder bag that fits perfectly in a tackle box.

TASF「SHOULDER BAG : No.02611」¥18150

The “SHOULDER BAG”, which pursues functionality for bass fishing, has a size that is just right for a commercially available tackle box, and features a square shape that makes it easy to put in and take out your gear.

A high-density nylon cord is used for a part of the shoulder belt, and it can be attached by tying a line cutter or something similar. In addition, a water temperature gauge or the like can be attached to the loop on the front of the main body. Like the backpack, it also has a back pocket that makes it easy to store your cut lines.

The size is W260 x H305 x D55 mm. Available in three colors: black, beige, and saxophone.


A clutch bag inspired by the love for black bass.

TASF「BASS BAG : No.02612」¥15400

In addition, there are many items that are full of love for black bass! Such as the “BASS BAG”, which is a clutch bag made from a 50cm ranker-sized black bass that every angler longs for, and the “BASS POUCH”, which is half the size of the Bass Bag.

TASF「BASS POUCH : No.02613」¥6160

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