Collaboration wear from Fresh Service and the rumored antiviral product “VIBTEX” is now available.

2 years ago

Fresh Service produces lifestyle items that are made around the world and reconstructed from the unique perspective of director Takayuki Minami.

In addition to their in-line series, collaborative projects with popular brands such as Philment’s bespoke PC sleeves and Daiwa Pier 39’s bespoke setup of are very popular, but next up is an anti-virus product that will show its true value during the current pandemic. A collaborative collection with the sexual health product “VIBTEX” is here.

Vibtex uses the excellent oxidizing power of OH radicals, which is produced by the chemical reaction of natural minerals contained in the components of “DEO FACTOR® Antivirus”, which is the basis of processing technology, with oxygen and moisture in the air. It reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber and also reduces the number of bacteria to prevent the generation of odors and suppress the growth of mold.

In other words, it is a functional product with excellent antiviral and deodorant properties.

In this collaboration, Vibtex items have been updated to a modern large silhouette that is synonymous with Fresh Service.

Also, each item is embroidered with the collaboration logo and the message “FOR A WORLD WITHOUT FEAR”.

The lineup consists of 7 different types of sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, T-shirts, long sleeve T’s, caps, and masks. Each item is as follows.

A short-sleeved T-shirt made from 7.3oz heavyweight fabric that combines toughness and a dry touch. Finished in a loose oversized silhouette. S / S CREW NECK TEE ¥ 7700

Like the short-sleeved T-shirt, this is a long-sleeve type that uses 7.3oz fabric. It does not lose its shape even after washing and can be used daily. L / S CREW NECK TEE ¥ 8800

Next is a loose-fitting crew neck sweatshirt that features Fresh Service’s signature wide body and arms. SWEAT CREW NECK PULLOVER ¥ 15400

By using an old-fashioned knitting machine, the hoody achieves a bulky texture unique to fleece that contains more air than usual. The hood is double-tailored and stands out. SWEAT PULL HOODIE ¥ 17600

Sweat pants with a loose silhouette and simple specifications without side hooks like classic athletic wear. SWEAT PANTS ¥ 14300

A face mask using a stretchable cardboard knitted material FACE MASK ¥ 1320

A slightly short brim and shallow cap with a loose feel that is comfortable to wear. 6 PANEL CAP ¥ 9680

The release date is scheduled to be limited at the following stores from May 1 (Sat) and nationwide from June.


[Pre-sale stores]

FreshService headquarters


FreshService FC stores (3 stores below)

MāW (Sapporo), Stirwise (Sendai), JACK IN THE BOX (Nagoya)

public (Osaka), FACTORY (Fukuoka), MEMPHIS (Kumamoto)

■FreshService headquarters tel:03-5775-4755