Come rain or shine! Cal O Line’s new parker with a water-repellent hood.

2 years ago

Designer Toshiharu Kaneko, who has been infatuated with American culture since he was a teenager, puts his experience and lifestyle into the daily clothing brand, “CAL O LINE”. Introducing a hoody that expresses the feeling of authentic everyday wear in a modern way.


While having specifications suitable for the outdoors such as switching between two types of functional materials, it has a basic appearance that can be worn anywhere.

The hood that covers the shoulders is made of water-repellent nylon, and the body is made of a cotton-like water-absorbent quick-drying polyester. It is great for when you get caught in a sudden downpour of rain, is light and exhibits excellent durability. Both have UV protection, so they block the strong summer rays.

A draw cord is added to the hood so you can adjust the fit just by pulling on it.

The logo label is shown on the chest pocket.

A loop is set on the back so hooks and carabiners can be attached. These nifty little details that are useful outdoors are unique to Cal O Line.

The new hoody is ideal for camping and fishing, as well as wearing after surfing. Of course, it also fits into your daily wardrobe while adding excellent and functionality and is now on sale.

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