BEAMS bespoke new time piece project with Timex is in all-black and stress-free with elastic band.

2 years ago

TIMEX is an American watchmaker with a history of over 160 years. They boast designs that are easy to match with any style and highly reliable functions, as well as being reasonable priced, there are a wide variety of watches with outstanding cost performance. This season BEAMS have created a new bespoke model with TIMEX.

TIMEX×BEAMS/Classic digital black SP ¥10780

In the previous collaborations between BEAMS and TIMEX, various models such as a tortoiseshell, skeleton and crazy patterns have been released, but this time it is an all-black style that has a strong impact.

The buckle-less belt that expands and contracts like rubber gives a good fit and is easy to put on and take off!

It is based on Timex’s masterpiece the “Classic Digital”, but the black color is originally available with a urethane band only. This uses the telescopic expansion belt used for the gold or silver, but instead finished in all black!

The logo is impactful in the way it stands out thanks to the backlight! The case size is a square shape that measures about 34 x 34 mm.

In addition, the Beams globe logo is placed on the LCD panel, which is highlighted well by the backlight.

The stainless steel cover on the back features the logos of both brands.

The Classic Digital is equipped with functions that are useful for everyday use, such as an indiglo night light that emits light on the entire dial making it easy to see, a timer, an alarm, and a calendar, and is water resistant up to 3 bars.

Coupled with a simple design, this is perfectly suited to outdoor activities and daily use in the city. It is scheduled to be released in early May, reservations are being accepted at BEAMS stores and online shop!

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