The North Face has released a limited collection that follows the clothing design of Japan’s climbing team!

2 years ago

The charm of team uniforms is hard to put into words. Athletes and spectators can all be united just by wearing the same thing. Even if it’s a summer festival, once you put your arms through the sleeves of the official T shirt you feel more a part of your surroundings.

However, such official uniforms are usually for that day only, aren’t they? They often have an overt logo, and can’t really be worn in the city, so I always end up using them as pajamas. But what if it was made by THE NORTH FACE?

The North Face, which has been planning and developing competition wear for sports climbing, has also provided team wear to the Japanese national team since 2005. Now the “INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION” that follows the same design as those worn by the Japanese national team will be released!

S/SEvoke Emotion Tee  ¥13200

This is a short-sleeved knitted T-shirt that captures the silhouette of the human body in three dimensions and pays extra attention to both the freedom of movement when exercising and also the tranquility of rest. It is also easy to take care of because it is a lightweight polyester fabric that dries quickly. The Japanese flag is embroidered on the chest with delicate knitting.

IC S/S Japan Team Crew  ¥5390

This is a graphic T designed with the Japanese flag as a motif. It uses environmentally friendly recycled polyester material and sewing thread that suppresses the generation of unpleasant static electricity. It also comes with UV protection (UPF15-30, UV cut rate 85% or more).

IC Back Logo Sweat HD  ¥11000

Next is a polyester sweatshirt hoodie finished in a yarn-dyed heather color with a natural hue. The inner fabric is gentle on the skin and achieves a very soft and comfortable feel. With the Japanese flag graphic on the back, the front is decorated with the big logo of The North Face.

IC Rain Poncho  ¥22000

This is a waterproof poncho designed to a perfect length that won’t get wet when standing or sitting. The material used is HYVENT, which has a 2.5-layer structure with excellent waterproof and breathable properties. The back side has fine grooves that keep the skin dry and comfortable and also comes with a convenient zipper pocket on the front.

This collection will be on sale at some of The North Face stores and the brand official online stores nationwide for a limited time from May 31st (Monday) to the end of September. While carrying the Japanese flag on its back, it feels like fashion wear ready for the city. During and even after festivals, you can wear this all summer long.