The latest ground breaking collaboration between Elnest and Pro Trek focuses on a band with a motif of Yakushima.

2 years ago

The clothing brand “ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY” and Casio’s outdoor watch “PRO TREK” became a hot topic after collaborating for the first time in 2019. The latest collaboration model 2 years later seems to be very synonymous with Elnest and comes with a special spray painting band and a duck pattern band.


The theme of this collaboration is “Yakushima,” which is also certified as a World Natural Heritage Site. Using granite, which occupies most of the mountainous area of Yakushima, as a design source, it perfectly represents Elnest’s outlook on the world.

The base model is the “PRW-30” from the “Climber Line”, which has become popular for its smaller size that fits well for women and men. It is a digital model that achieves excellent visibility in spite of its compact size, and in addition to the triple sensor, it has other basic functions such as tough solar, radio wave reception, and water resistance up to 10 BAR.

The case uses a hard dark color inspired by the granite of Yakushima. The Dura Soft Band has an unprecedented texture with a spray coating that uses the quartz grains found on the surface of granite as a motif.

In addition, the attached replacement cross band adopts a duck pattern that Elnest is well known for. The camouflage pattern “Yakushima Forestra Camo”, in which monkeys and deer are scattered like hidden pictures among the trees expresses the flora and fauna of Yakushima.

The spray-painted band, combined with a blacked-out face, has a modern Elnest design that fits well into daily fashion. If you wear an earth-colored duck pattern band, you can create more of an outdoor aesthetic, so you can change it according to the fashion and mood of the day.

The collaboration watch “PRW-30ECA-1AJR” will be released on June 18, 2021. The Elnest brand logo is laser-engraved on the back cover with black IP processing, just like hard rock. The package is also a special edition with an original duck pattern.

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