Clear crazy color G-Shock! A refreshing new model exclusive to BEAMS.

2 years ago

This special new G-SHOCK bespoke to BEAMS is about to be released! The 2019 and 2020 models sold out in the blink of an eye, so you need to check it out fast.

BEAMS×G-SHOCK/DW-5600 ¥17600

This watch features a crazy pattern based on the classic DW-5600. However, it is not a colorful shade, but four different types of white (with or without gloss), clear, and mud clear are color-coded with a case, belt, and play ring, and the dial is also set to gray to finish it in a monotone style.

Of course, it also has a backlight, and what appears on the LCD is the BEAMS globe logo! Moreover, because it is orange, it stands out in contrast to the chic body.

The back cover also has a globe logo as a proof of the bespoke nature of the model!


In addition, they plan to have a lineup for women based on BABY-G’s BGD-501. It has the same coloring as the DW-5600, but it has a heart logo on the bag light and back cover.

The white and clear gradation color is very refreshing and is perfect for the summer season! It is also great to wear as a pair watch with as a couple.

All are scheduled to be released in mid-June, and reservations are currently being accepted!