Hollywood x Wrangler. Classic denim are reinvigorated by changing the materials.

2 years ago

The “Wrangler Launcher Dress Jeans” were born in the 1960s as smart jeans for cowboys by the well-established Wrangler founded in 1947.

This is a long-selling classic model that is still popular these days due to its slightly dressy look with a center press and flared silhouette, but this time a collaboration model with N.HOOLYWOOD led by designer Daisuke Obana will be released.

Beautifully designed colored pants arranged with popular functional materials.

Wrangler WRANCHER DRESS JEANS × N.HOOLYWOOD   WS0121-C102.C175 ¥24200

Colored pants with a gentle flared silhouette from the knees to the hem and a center press, but the staple fabric has been changed to SOLOTEX®, a functional material with stretchability and wrinkle resistance.

The material change transforms the pants into a graceful and smooth look, making them appear more formal and dressy.


Also denim pants finished in a vintage taste.

Wrangler WRANCHER DRESS JEANS × N.HOOLYWOOD   WS0121-C136 ¥25300

On the other hand, like the Wrangler Launcher Dress Jeans, these denim pants are made from Broken Twill Denim, which is a symbolic material of Wrangler, and features a beautiful flared silhouette that gently spreads from the knees to the hem.

Although it has stretchability, they have an added processing to give them a vintage feel, and the stitch color is changed to an OFF WHITE color.

The leather patch part of the original back pocket has been reproduced so that the mark appears like it has peeled off over time, and is now a detail that symbolizes the collaboration.

This collaboration model with N. Hollywood has changed the appearance and functionality of Wrangler’s super long-selling model. The exquisite sense of balance is only possible thanks to Mr. Obana, who has roots in second-hand and vintage clothing. If you want to change from the tried and tested styles such as T-shirts and denim, you should choose this kind of pants to add a new flavor to your wardrobe.

From Saturday, May 29, 2021, it will be on sale at the official online shops of Wrangler and N. Hollywood and other stores. In addition, an interview with Mr. Obana is also available on the Wrangler official website, so be sure to check it out as well!

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