Mature Gramicci pants curated by Nonnative. Their popular functional pants with a beautiful silhouette are on sale this season as well.

2 years ago

Speaking of nonnative, in addition to their sophisticated in-line collections, they are also actively working on collaborations with popular brands, for example the collaboration model with Converse’s classic pro leather became a hot topic.

Another large scale collaboration has arrived again from nonnative. The other party this time is GRAMICCI, who they have been collaborating with repeatedly for some time.


The new collab lineup this time is the “WALKER EASY PANTS” that was also developed in collaboration last summer. The model features a relaxed silhouette that is synonymous with nonnative, with features that symbolize climbing pants such as the gusset crotch and webbing belt unique to Gramicci, but with a 2-tuck design that gives extra room around the waist and thighs.

The material used is Pliantex® which is soft to the touch and has both wind resistance and elasticity, which was previously not thought possible. It is soft and the wrinkles look natural and elegant.

Also, if you pull the drawcord that is attached to the hem, you can draw in the hem and ensure ease of movement, so it is ideal for active scenes such as camping, gardening, and trekking.

This season, three colors are available: basic black, navy, and natural beige (MOLE). The chic and sophisticated color variations also have a feel that is unique to nonnative.

The Nonnative x Gramicci easy pants are moderately loose, easy-to-move, and come in sophisticated colors. It can be said that it is a versatile pair of pants that can be worn by all ages and are easy to style fashionably.

Scheduled to be released on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at COVERCHORD, vendor Nakameguro, and vendor Nagoya.