Blue Blue Japan’s new Hawaiian shirt is uses Japanese style indigo dyeing.

2 years ago

From “BLUE BLUE JAPAN”, who incorporates Japanese craft techniques such as dyeing and embroidery into their products and continues to convey culture and tradition through fashion, a new aloha shirt that uses indigo dyeing, which is their specialty, has appeared.

Indigo Linen SS aloha ¥24200

The indigo-dyed shirt, made from 100% linen, is a fantastic piece that keeps you comfortable even in the summer, while also featuring colors that blend in with nature.

A pattern with the motif of a “hemp leaf”, which has been popular in Japan for a long time, is expressed using a technique called “discharge printing”. The shirts loose silhouette with plenty of width in the body and sleeve makes it easy to move and is breathable.

The philosophy behind this new shirt is “a pattern that remains forever has been known as a good omen a since ancient times,” makes you feel the depth of thought behind the manufacturing and will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.