A new agricultural and fashion brand called “KEIMEN” debuts with functional wear that connects the outdoors to everyday life.

2 years ago

A new brand “KEIMEN”, which designs products centered on fashion suitable for outdoor and farm work, will launch on May 28, 2021 (Friday).

A unique new brand launched by model Mr. Shogo Okada, a “outdoors nerd” who rents a farm to grow vegeta-bles to sell at the “Daikanyama Fruit and Vegetable Shop” which sells safe and healthy ingredients. This season’s lineup will be the first season, and is full of “outdoor-like” items that feature tough construction and functionality suitable for working with soil, and a natural texture that blends in to nature.

VEST ¥14800

The vest, which uses Fuji Kinume ®, which is famous as a Japanese canvas fabric, has the durability and storage capacity to store scissors and shovels. You can really appreciate the fine details such as the leather strap, and it is a product that is suitable for both outdoor and American casual fans.

PANTS ¥19800

By weaving twin threads at high density, these pants are characterized by their robustness that helps prevent wear and tear accumulated during farm work, and their supple fabric that is easy to move in while wearing. By deliberately incorporating a white color instead of denim, you can enjoy the unique aging that you will get from farm work.

GLOVE ¥1848

In addition to apparel, they have a lineup of work gloves with vivid coloring and the brand logo. By updating standard work gloves, which are necessary for agriculture, to a sporty look, the finish goes well with street outfits too.

HAT ¥9350

Next is a versatile hat that protects the neck and cheeks from sun rays and sudden rain. In addition to using a water-repellent fabric, it has a shape that can cover a wide range to help prevent sunburn. In addition, ventilation ensures air can circulate, making it ideal for summer farming and camping.


Like the flat-knit T’s, the thermal has long ribs on the cuffs so that the tucked sleeves don’t ride up. It features a moderate arm width based on real farming advice so that tools won’t get caught if there is too much slack.

The first collection from “KEIMEN”, features a large number of highly intuitive items that overturn the image of agricultural fashion. They will start selling some products on the official brand website at the time of launch, so check it out as soon as possible.

■KEIMEN tel:03−6804−2695 https://keimen.official.ec