Fashion-oriented air-conditioned clothes. Cool collaboration wear for summer from the popular label “Laska”.

2 years ago

Speaking of “air-conditioned clothes™”, Japan is now the leading purveyor of such workwear in the world. Although it originated from the functional clothing used at work sites, it has expanded its sales channels these days. Opportunities to see this type of wear outdoors and in the city have increased dramatically.

However, it is a fact that it has not been out of the realm of work wear until now. But now the day has finally come when you can enjoy these air-conditioned clothes as a fashion item!

The long-awaited fashionable air-conditioned clothing series was created by Air-conditioned Clothing ™, a pioneer of fan-equipped clothing, in collaboration with JOURNAL STANDARD’s popular label LASKA.

This type of fan equipped clothing “is cooler to wear” and will be design to match modern aesthetics.


Of particular note is the large silhouette shirt jacket. The modern details such as the width of the body and the armholes are unique in that they are designed to stand out even more by activating the cooling fan to contain plenty of air.

The strength of the ultra-lightweight fan can be adjusted in 4 stages, and the small battery used together is designed to be smartly stored in a dedicated pocket, and can be removed when not in use.


VEST ¥29700

In addition, cargo pants equipped with various pockets with like shirt the jackets and vests with a clean silhouette are also available.

This excellent collaboration series, which will push air-conditioned clothes to a new platform, is currently accepting reservations for release in late May. If you are sure to take the initiative in the hot summer this year, it’s best to do so as fashionably as possible!