A bag remade from the remains of discarded tents. Coleman’s new sustainable project called “MFYR” is here.

2 years ago

Coleman has started to produce sustainable products and their new project is focusing on effectively utilizing the waste of outdoor products, the first stage of that being bags made from scrap tents. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but the bag is also excellently designed, so please check it out.

The project called “MFYR” has been launched by Coleman to breathe new life into discarded items. MFYR is an acronym for “Movement For Your Right”. The first project is bags made from a recycled tent that has been discarded.

So far, 7 items have been announced, and the photo above is the “MFYR Bucket Tote”.

And here are the “MFYR Tote” and “MFYR Sakosh” from the left to right. MFYR is a sustainable project that considers the global environment, but bags made from waste tents are also lightweight, durable, durable and water resistant.

The design is also excellent, and was done by Yumi Mori, who was involved with the “INDIGO LABEL”. Speaking of her indigo label, she has produced a number of masterpieces, as we mentioned in previous articles.

These products are scheduled to go on sale in mid-June. Keep your eyes open for future developments of the MFYR project.

■Coleman JAPAN tel:0120-111-957 http://www.coleman.co.jp