Snow Peak’s chill summer wear made from cool materials is ready for the summer season!

2 years ago

Shirts and shorts made from cool materials for summer are here from Snow Peak, which is one of Japan’s leading outdoor brands that constantly produces innovative new gear and apparel. If you want to enjoy your time outside in comfort even during hot summer weather then check this out!

A cool setup using the same pattern and material is also possible.

C/L Panama Shirt     ¥24200

C/L Panama Easy Shorts     ¥24200

The Panama fabric, which is roughly woven using a blended yarn of cotton and linen, is attractive because of its irregularities and that it does not cling to the skin. It is highly breathable and has a refreshing feeling even when worn for a long time. Among the new range of items, the spec-dyed gingham check, which uses Niigata’s original dyeing technique, has a great texture.

OG Cotton Poplin Paisley Shirt     ¥24200

OG Cotton Poplin Paisley Shorts     ¥24200

The paisley-printed shirts and shorts, which have a bandana motif that is a huge part of outdoor culture, are made of organic cotton that blends well with your skin as you wash it. The dyeing is hand printed at a long-established factory in Kyoto, and the color gradually fades over time, making the aging process more appealing.

Printed Quick Dry Shirt     ¥22000

Printed Quick Dry Short     ¥17600

The Quick Dry series is a popular staple item every summer, using Dot Air ™ material with small ventilation holes that has excellent ventilation and water absorption. This season, the original botanical pattern by textile designer RIKI YOSHIDA has been used to create a summery feel.

Printed Tshirt     ¥5280

Including a water-absorbent quick-drying T-shirt with cotton on the front and polyester on the back, there are a lot of reliable items for a summer spent outdoors. The top and bottom set ups are also great for wearing out in the town!

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