An excellent work shirt co-created with Dickies by the up-and-coming car and fashion brand “Car Service”.

2 years ago

“Car Service” is an up-and-coming product label that promotes the fusion of car and fashion culture, producing items inspired by various parts of the world of automobiles.

The label is rapidly gaining popularity, especially for highly attuned fashionistas, but in addition their creative in house line, collaboration with the najor workwear classic brand Dickies has also recently become a hot topic.

This season, a triple-named work shirt will be on sale with the popular collaboration between the two companies, and “QUINTET”, a coffee shop in Umegaoka, Setagaya-ku, Toyko!

Half Zip Work S/S Shirt ¥16500

This work was created with the concept of workers’ uniforms. Based on Dickies’ half zip work shirt, the length is shortened and the pattern is changed to have a more voluminous width to create a modern silhouette. Wash processing has been applied to the standard twill material to give it a real worker feel.

In addition to the Dickies and car service name tags on the front and the “QUINTET” logo on the chest with chain stitch, the back is embroidered with the words “Groove Yard:”, which is the subtitle of the shop.

This level of approach to fashion while accurately expressing the work taste authentically, is only possible thanks to the collaboration between Car Service and Dickies. Exquisite work shirts that are rugged yet stylish, but also have a classical and beautiful taste, are on sale for a limited time at the popular shop “PULP” that exhibits their own style from Shibuya, as well as at the select shop “jackpot” in Shinjuku.

It is expected to sell out, so if you are interested, you are best top hurry up and check out the store!