Battle of the summer Smart Watch! Check out the latest pieces from two major brands, Garmin and G-Shock.

2 years ago

From two of the major players in outdoor style watch brands, the latest smart watches for outdoor lovers are here!

First from “GARMIN”, which excels in GPS technology, a new GPS smart watch series with expanded fitness functions, and from “G-SHOCK” who are world renowned for their toughness, the brands first smart watch with a Google operating system installed.

The latest GARMIN model that supports blood oxygen tracking.

VENU 2 ¥47080

This is the latest touch screen GPS smart watch “VENU 2”. In addition to the fitness functions that supports more than 25 types of activities, the health monitoring functionality that features “blood oxygen tracking” that first appeared in April has been further enhanced.

Of course, there are also many smart functions that are indispensable for daily life. In addition to notification functions such as phone calls and emails, cashless payment is also compatible with Suica. It also has a music playback feature that allows you to download 650 songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify®, Amazon Music, Line Music, and more.


G-SHOCK’s first ever smart watch!

GSW-H1000 ¥88000

This is G-Shock’s first smart watch featuring Wear OS by GoogleTM. It works with Google to notify you of incoming emails and phone calls, and you can use various app services such as Google Play Music and Google Maps.

Of course, the tough specs unique to G-Shock are still here, and it is shock resistant and water resistant up to 20bar. In addition, it is equipped with GPS functions, a multi-sensor, and is an innovative watch that supports a variety of activities from workouts to extreme sports.

A minimalist fitness model unique to Garmin and a tough sports model with a G-Shock feel. You can choose the perfect summer smart watch for you according to your lifestyle, or you can choose by looks to match with your clothes. Which would you like to add to your summer style?

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