New to the popular embroidery cap series from Cal O Line × Kavu!, the “Road” and “Sound” join the ranks this season.

2 years ago

The collaboration cap series from “CAL O LINE” and “KAVU” was first released in the summer of 2020 and was very popular. A playful and popular new model that updates Kavu’s famous strap cap to a “fishing” -inspired design will be released this summer as well.

In addition to the “fish” embroidery that has been introduced following the previous one, this season they have a new lineup of “road” and “sound” versions, which are designed to be represent summer outdoor activities such as festivals and running!


The design is full of 90’s taste with impressive Tyrolean tape, and the stitches on the front are drawn elegantly while still being classic.

The newly developed “road” is inspired by a poem by philosopher Kiyozawa Tetsuo. If you are a professional wrestling fan and know Antonio Inoki, you will be familiar with it from the speech he gave at his retirement match. The message was that “the road continues forever. The road that I believe in”.

Also, exclusive to the EC site UNSTOA “”, a version stitched with “sound” is also available. This is perfect to wear at a summer festival.

The mesh material is implemented from the side to the back, and it has excellent breathability. Combined with a lightweight body based on water-repellent nylon, you won’t feel hot and stuffy even in midsummer heat.

Designer Toshiharu Kaneko says, “It’s a catchy design, so I would love for you to wear it”. You can incorporate it as a simple summer-style accent as you would expect from Cal O Line products and wear it outdoors all summer long.

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