The best gear for the new festival season! Columbia’s new vest packed with functional pockets!

3 years ago

 Pioneering fishing gear brand Columbia have used their wealth of technical knowledge and experience to release a multi-functional vest aimed at the festival crowd. It has an urban styled design but with all the storage capacity of an everyday use daypack.


Full storage capabilities for all of your festival needs!

Green Pines Vest ¥19440

This vest has specifically been designed to be an asset to an enjoyable festival experience. It’s packed with gimmicks that allow for all the festival essentials to be stored easily such as pockets for valuable like smart phones and wallets, plus loops for towels and water bottles.

A very large pocket is placed on the back giving the vest the function of a backpack.

The pockets and attachments are arranged in various sizes so you can store your festival necessities to suit your own preferences. It uses a water repellent material so provides some rain resistance as well as a stretchy dynamic fabric for ease of use.

The large back pocket is sized to accommodate a rain jacket, poncho or even a small foldable chair. There is also a D-can on the hem and you can hang sandals or other similar items from it.


Wear your vest stylishly from top to bottom!

The vest is made with a very stretchy material meaning it can be comfortably worn even over the top of a shell jacket. The surplus green model is made even more stylish by matching the pocket colors to the main body. This is an excellent and versatile vest that is not just for the festival scene but also for daily life.

(Models Set Up) Green Pines Vest 19440yen, Jacket 23760yen, T shirt 3240yen, Shorts 6724yen (All Columbia) 

This large volume vest is great as a simple piece without making use of the many storage options for a summery style. Or you can make use of the water resistance and use it for fishing and other outdoor activities.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Styling/Tomomichi Kondo

Model/Mael Hair & Make/Kohei Domoto