Leather shoe style Crocs. A modern collaboration between BEAMS T and Bal.

2 years ago

Speaking of the familiar relaxing sandals brand Crocs, the latest collaboration model with BEAMS has become a hot topic just as it was last year, but this season it is not the only one garnering attention.

Next up is a triple collaboration item between BAL, a brand that develops modern casual wear based on 90’S culture and BEAMS T.

Classic Clog ¥8580

This new collaboration is based on Crocs’ classic model “Classic Clog”, a faux suede upper and laces are added and customized to look like leather shoes. The sole is also finished in a sophisticated manner by matching it in the same tone as the upper.

The box features a bold design with a “crocodile” motif inspired by the Crocs logo. It is designed so that you can enjoy not only wearing them but also storing them away.

T-shirt ¥7150、Shorts ¥17600

In addition, as a collaboration item between Bar and BEAMS T, they also have a lineup of T-shirts and shorts that can be match well with the sandals. The back print has a Crocs “crocodile” motif, and the shorts have Bal’s signature pocket work.

This is a triple collaboration collection with a modern and stylish design that incorporates a sophisticated atmosphere into casual items. It is scheduled to be released from June 25th (Friday) at the BEAMS online shop and BEAMS T stores. This new collab is also expected to be quite popular, so don’t miss out.

■BEAMS https://www.beams.co.jp/