Only 100 available for new limited edition F / CE. × Stof’s bespoke backpack!

2 years ago

Matsuo Basho is well known for completing a 2400km pilgrimage over 150 days. It would be going too far to connect such a spectacular feat with outdoors hobbies, but to continue walking over such a long journey over mountains and valleys, you must have had some wisdom gained from modern outdoor activities.

A backpack printed with this famous travelogue written by Basho has been released by F / CE. X STOF.


This collaboration piece is custom-ordered by the unisex brand Stof, whose concept is “clothing with a story”, based on the lightweight and highly durable “950LINE” which is one of F/CE’s staple models.

It is a unique specification that uses a 915 denier polyester cordura knit fabric woven by Stof with a special molding machine called for the outer body and pockets.

Another excellent detail, is that the English translation of Basho Matsuo’s “Oku no Hosomichi” story as well as the square letter ‘Word’ and the Arabic for ‘Love are all integrated onto the main pocket as a printed design.

I have to take off my hat to the skill that makes this design work properly, where the meaning does not interfere with the visual sense.

Limited to only 100 pieces, including those at Fridge Setagaya, are already on sale. Carry this bag on your back, whether you’re going to the mountains, the sea, or walking around the city. Like Basho, who wrote, “Make the moon a hundred generations of passersby …”, I feel like I have the courage to walk anywhere I want.

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