Manhattan Portage’s classic messenger is made bespoke for BEAMS with a military look!

2 years ago

Manhattan Portage, which started in 1983, has launched a full lineup of backpacks and waist bags, with messengers as the main focus.

This time, they will produce a messenger bag in collaboration with BEAMS!

Manhattan Portage × BEAMS/1606JR Military Messenger Bag ¥19800

This messenger bag bespoke to BEAMS has a military motif to appeal to a masculine aesthetic! In addition to the khaki color, a waving tape has been added to the flap to reduce the city-like elements found in conventional messengers.

In addition, the inside of the bag with the flap opened is switched to an olive color, and the camouflage pattern pocket is added! The details are the same as the all-black specifications, so you can choose to match your preference.

A combination of cordura and cotton material. The embroidery of the brand logo in similar colors gives a mature impression.

The size of the body is width 42 x height 25 x gusset 17 cm, and the capacity is enough that B5 size fits comfortably in the main storage. It has two pockets it is convenient even for daily use.

In addition, it is also nice to have an AirPods case made of the same material as the body.

The AirPods case comes with a carabiner and can be attached to the D-can of the main bag. The size is width 7.5 x height 7 x ma 2.5 cm.

It is useful to have an urban-like messenger (one-shoulder) that allows you to throw your luggage in. Why don’t you check out this limited item of a classic unique to BEAMS.