Post O’alls’ unique new China jacket has a French work flavor that is a must-see for vintage clothing lovers.

2 years ago

Nowadays with the prevalence of fast high street fashion, the chances of being able to buy clothes that have been made now as vintage pieces in the future (future vintage) seems like it will be quite a rare occurrence.

In that sense, the new POST O’ALLS clothing introduced here is sure to become a rare item.

 “Post Sinowa”  ¥39600

“Post Sinowa” is only the second China jacket made in the history of the brand. Even though it is a China jacket, it is studded with details that set it apart from the so-called standard design.

If you look closely, you can see the work taste in many areas, such as the cigar pocket on the chest, the out pocket reinforced with a patch, and the chain stitch finish.

Actually, this is because the essence of French work is injected into the shirt-colored China jacket that Chinese people living in the French-speaking world wore before the war.

“Easy Lux,”  ¥29700

As a top and bottom set-up, they also have a lineup of “Easy Lux,” which is often seen with the brand. This is an updated version with a new inseam gusset and fine-tuned silhouette.

Indigo twill, charcoal twill, indigo denim, indigo cut, and gray polyester / nylon taffeta are available on both the top and bottom.

From Friday, July 2nd, it will be on sale at Post O’alls, some wholesale stores, and the Post O’alls Offical online store.

Although it is based on the knowledge of vintage wear, it does not match the clothes worn at any time and place but is something entirely new. Make sure to get your hands on something that is destined to become Future Vintage, where the skill of Post O’alls, who excel at combining multiple elements into, shines.

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